What This Police Officer Did To This Man After Making A Discovery Is Surprising!


Of all the things that Christian Felix never wished for while going back home on foot was to be stopped by Natalie Simonick, a police officer who was patrolling the locality.

She was afraid that she had gone against the restriction of walking in a dangerous area and at night.

Simonick told ABCNews.com that he stopped his car and asked him what he was doing, of which Christian responded that he was walking home because he had missed the bus. He proved that he is 18 years by showing his ID.

Simonick offered to take him home. While conversing in the car, Simonick made a shocking discovery. Every time Christian missed the bus from his home, he had to cover 9 miles on foot. When Simonick suggested to him to take a bike, the response was that he never knew to ride one.

The officer said that nobody ever taught him because of not having a dad all his life. In addition, he said that Christian was not a smoker or a drinker, and had never been called by the police because of a bad conduct.

Simonick went on to do the unexpected by offering him a bike and teaching him to ride it. She said that when he was learning to ride the bike, two other police officers would be on both sides to push him. Once he rode straight to a post, but luckily the officers were there to hold him.

Christian said that it was wonderful when one out of nowhere decides to help you out, for it’s very hard to meet people like Simonick. Currently, Simonick and Christian ride together.

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