The Very People She Loved Ditched Her And Left Her To Die Miserable, But Did She? You’ll Like This!


When you have a pet, you believe that you love it, and that you’ll care for the animal for the rest of its good life. However, sometimes when you have to change your residence, you find that the area you’re moving into maintains a strict no-pet policy, so you’re forced to wave goodbye to your lovely pet.

In that case, you can get a relative or a good friend to live with the animal or you can take the pet to a shelter center for adoption. But what do you think ofsomeone who instead oftakingthosenoble choices, gets the pet and brutally bundles it up, leaving it in the house to starve to death?

That’s what exactly happened to this cute little being, June. When the owners decided to move out, they tied her up and left her in the house. Can you imagine a human doing that?!

However, fate had its way, and the guys from the Vet Ranch Rescue came along and took the animal to safety. June had been tied up for weeks and had grown so thin and even had a skin infection. But she was cared for and she’s now recovered and living a full life. Great!

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