She Parks At A Restaurant’s Disabled Lot. Then A Disabled Van Driver Does This… What A Lesson!


The following video was edited by the National Geographic. Basically, it is a research that was conducted to let people be aware of the parking spaces reserved for the disabled people, and that abled people should always avoid them.

In it, we see a man who plays the role of a disability van driver driving around town in search of vehicles which have been illegally parked in places specifically reserved for the disabled people.

While on the lookout, he spots one car parked at a Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas. The car is a SUV, parked at the disabled reserved space; just at the front of the restaurant’s entrance door which never had clear handicap signs.Watch Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Online
Then, the driver decided that it was time to show the owner some lesson. He came in to the parking lot and practically blocked the SUV with the van. Then, the door opens and the passengers are helped out of it in a slow motion manner.

Upon finishing her lunch, the driver gets out of the restaurant and heads to her car. Upon looking, she gets aware that she must remain at the place for quite some time until the passengers are all helped out of the van.

Take a look at the video below to see how the SUV driver reacted. Please SHARE this video to all your friends on Facebook to make them aware that disabled parking places should be respected!

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