Her Parking Space Was Stolen. What She Did To Him? I’m On The Floor Rolling!


Parallel parking is one of those things I hate doing. You are always needed to squeeze into some tight spot or fight with someone for the remaining spot – it’s such a hassle and a stressful experience.  I also hate it when a spot I have been patiently waiting to take is taken by someone else who knows well I’m right there ready to take it. That’s why I was impressed by what this woman did when her spot was taken in the last minute. Though I don’t know how this was captured on camera, somehow someone managed to do it.

I highly discourage you from doing what this driver did the next time you’re in need of a spot to park. The only option the white car’s driver has is using the window as the exit. I wonder whether he will embrace that option or looking for another spot will the decision. Had you been the one, what could have you done? We will love to hear from you, please comment below and SHARE with others!

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