Paralyzed School Shootout Victim Gets The Best Gift From A Local Prison.


Early in 2012, Nick Walczakwas a victim of the school shootout that happened in 2012. He survived the four bullets he received in his body, but was paralyzed. Doctors told him that he probably will have to be confined to a wheelchair till the end of his days.

The news was terrible to him but he had no option but to continue living and looking for other ways of making it in life. Currently, he was introduced to a service dog to help him in doing some daily chores.

A local prison together with the “W.A.G.S” (Working Animals Giving Service For Kids) program are training the prisoners to be useful in the society by training dogs to become service dogs.
When you watch the clip, you will see how sad they are to see one of their dogs leaving, but at the same time, they are happy to become important people who are helping the needy through the program.

Walczakhad the biggest smile on his face when he confessed before the cameras that he was no longer lonely! Special thanks to the inmates for having trained Turner, the service dog of Walczak.

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