Owner Gets Shocked When He Receives Information That His Dog Long Dead Dog Is Alive!


Natural disasters are very dangerous. California was struck by a huge storm in December 2004. A man named Steve, who lived on a boat thought that all his belongings had got lost by the storm including the lovely dog that he owned called Daisy.

He was actually out giving a helping hand to a friend when the storm struck. This was one of the rare momentsyou could miss him on his boat. Upon coming back, his boat was a total ruin and Daisy was nowhere to be seen. He thought that Daisy had died, little did he know that later, he will know his whereabouts.

When the storm hit, Daisy managed to rescue herself from the boat and swam to a nearby shore which is situated two miles away. He then walked one more mile until reaching the Sausalito Presbyterian Church. This was the place that both the dog and the owner would be on Wednesdays, for a free meal while together with the other residents of the locality. It so seemed that this dog was waiting for its owner at the church.

Rev. Paul Mowry, who is also a church member, passed the word to Steve that Daisy was at the church steps. When he reached the church, Steve got the full information. He said that the best thing was that he knew where he would meet him. He never bothered all that was lost, he said that all he needed was God and Daisy.

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