Owner Discovers Intruders In His Home. His Reaction… Well Thought!


Larry Chen aged 27 years was chilling at his home in Los Angeles, when he spotted strange thing outside the window. On the outside of the window was a swarm of bees. He went straight to Craigslist to look for someone who would assist him in removing them from his property without hurting them.

Being a photojournalist, he was able to contact a man by the name of Mike Bee, who is one of the Backwards Beekeepers, this is as per the report from ABC News. According to the website of Backwards Beekeepers, they play the role of keeping the bees safe so that we humans can gain from them. ABC revealed a report that Mike Bee had assessed. It said that in Chen’s home, there were close to 50,000 insects living there since July 2012, and that they have been there from 6 months before.

When the entry point of the bees was discovered, Chen and Mike began to work by clearing everything from the bee infested room. This was followed by lining a plastic in the room then wearing the protective clothing.

They removed a bit of the wall where the bees had their hive, then Mike pumped some smoke of pine to make them dormant. He took a vacuum that is specifically made for that and began to the suctioning, whereby most of them were sucked without any problem.

By the end of the video, Chen reveals that 95 of the suctioned bees remained alive and will start their lives at a bee farm. The video has so far received a million views. Watch the video and make sure to SHARE it with all those who love conserving nature!

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