Oprah Caught This Single Mother By Surprise When She Did The Unexpected. So Touching!


The life of being a single parent is a very hard one. In the clip below, we are privileged to meet a single mom of three kids by the name of Denni. She became a single parent when her last born was three years of age, as her husband abandoned her. She lost everything including the house and they started sleeping in the car. To maintain her kids, she had to look for more than three jobs.

Even though this family was encountering hardship, she did all she could and her children were through with their college education. The three hoped to return the favor to their mum by making her life comfortable. Things started being a little bit better for her, but Denni still had a debt of $78,000, which she had taken as a loan. Confessing, she said that her calculation allowed her to fully repay the loan when she will be 93 years of age.

Soon, a word reached Oprah of how hardworking she was. This made her invite the three children and the mother to her show. She was so kind to them and fully paid for them a trip to Italy, cleared all debts that Denni had and handed her a full year salary so that she could at least take a one year vacation!

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