She Is Too Old For Adoption, Watch The Touching Request She Has For All…


Most people who ever came across the Craiglist ad of Natalie Carson of 19-years, thought that it was a pun.
The ad was saying that Natalie was searching for a family to in Colorado. For sure that sounded weird, but her story will touch you.
The title of the ad was “Young Female College Student looking to ‘rent’ family for birthday.”

Herbirthday was nearing and her wish was to feel as if she was loved by a family. Her being brought up in a foster home, she never had that opportunity of ever celebrating a birthday.
As a matter of fact, the foster children have a right to be loved too, just like the way the other kids receive love from their parents. She actually never cared which family was to accept her. What only mattered was that she needed the love she never had received before. On the ad, she had said that she was ready to pay $8 for each person who was ready to offer her what she craved for.

Writing on the ad, she said that she only needed a day in her life where she would feel special and that was what she was up to on her upcoming birthday.

While being raised up at foster homes, she encountered rough times including mistreat from the foster parents. This made her hop from one foster home to another.

She confessed that she always made an attempt to sleep during his birthdays or when there were holidays.
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