Officer Leaves An Uplifting Message In A Kid’s Toy. Reason? This Warmed My Heart!


When he grows up, Conner Brattle wants to serve in the police force, and he’s already adjusting to the cop mindset. Conner doesn’t like breaking the rules, so when he went out to do squads with his little car and darkness fell, he knew what to do. Good!

Conner left his car outside, but when he went out later to get it, he found something inside. It was a note. The young guy couldn’t read, so he rushed to his mom so she could help with that. The message? Awesome!

Turns out, officerWights. A, from Carmel Police, had spotted Conner’s car parked outside, and he knew why the little boy had decided to do that. The boy was already growing to be the good guy, and that’s exactly what the officer thanked him for. The kid was so overjoyed that he made sure everyone knew about it. Even his big brother loved it!

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