Now, Here’s A 15-Year-Old Morgan Freeman That Got Me Out Of My Seat!


Jake Foushee is a guy to be loved. This teenager can imitate virtually any voice from the movie screens, from Jason Statham to Optimus Prime. This is a young man who can impersonate a celebrity and make you swear by the celeb’s voice.

But what got me hooked and retained is this guy’s perfect impersonation of Morgan Freeman. You’ll have to nod to the fact that this guy really has a talent!

In fact, Jake’s cool talent has already taken him places. A few years ago, the young man was invited to move the crowd with his vocal skills at The Ellen Show, and he did so with much grace and elegance.

At SF Globe, we love such talents, and we can’t wait to hear him narrate some cool movie trailers in the future.

Watch and listen and get in touch with various celebrities through this teen’s impersonations. What’s your favorite of his repertoire?Tell us what you think of Jake’s special talent by dropping a comment in the comment section.

This teen took us somewhere, and you will have a hard time if you try not to like him. Just give in and SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!

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