Nothing Can Wake This Boy Up, But When He Finally Sees Who It Is… So Priceless!


One feeling that always outstands us is that one of missing our beloved ones, more so when we have taken a long time without seeing them.

Also, things like sleeping tend to make us leave other things like saying hello to people.

Ethan, a kid of 5 years happened to be having an Intact Atrial Septum and HypoplasticLeft Heart Syndrome since birth. Come 2016, April, he was taken to the hospital and admitted due to an upper respiratory infection.

The time he was being admitted coincided with the time his father named Dennis was returning home after being deployed for 7 months.

The dad tried to wake him up at the hospital bed but Ethan was reluctant because of tiredness.

Dennis became persistent until finally his son was able to open the eye to see who was waking him up.  Once he saw that it was his dad who he had not seen for 7 months, a smile immediately appeared on his face. What a reunion for the two of them!

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