Newborn Calf Is Rescued After Being Left On The Roadside To Die – Watch!


If you are an animal lover or not, this story will definitely touch you. It will make you question some decisions that people take, especially in regard to animals. Hard to understand as it is, people still do these things around the world.

This took place in Udaipur, India when a farmer decided not to share the milk being produced by the mother with the calf. He wanted it all for himself. Talk of being heartless. He therefore decided the best way to deal with the situation was to dump the calf out on the road where it would just die due to cold and hunger.

It was then that animal rescuers were alerted and fortunately they acted swiftly. When they arrived, they found the calf wet, suggesting that it was a newborn and could not have been fed since birth.

The calf was shivering due to the cold and seemed weak too. The rescuers took it to a warm shelter and fed it with milk using a bottle. The calf just could not let go of the bottle!

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