I Never Knew All Types Of Cats Had This Obsession Until I Watched This… HILARIOUS!


Cats are one of those pets that are hard to understand since they appear like they are out for some plan. I can’t deny there are those times they bring happiness into our lives, though, most of the times they behave mysteriously. On top of that, we all know they are lovers of boxes.

Some believe that they love boxes because they help them alleviate stress and feel safe when in them. Though I’m not in a potion to counter such reasoning, all I can say is that – it’s always funny watching a huge cat trying to fit into a smaller box.

I have never known whether the love for boxes extends to undomesticated cats. Guys from Big Cat Rescue wanted to know whether big cats such as leopards, tigers and lions have the same obsession for boxes. Their research entailed placing large boxes in their pens and you won’t believe what they found out. Just like our house cats, they also get playful when around the boxes.

Some of the cats approached the box, sat on it happily and some tried to climb inside. There also some that tried to demolish it. The answer was – all cats love boxes and go crazy when around them irrespective of their size.

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