She Needed A Grandchild, Now Watch What She Does… So Brave!


Meghan Holliday was certain of one thing – she could be a mom one day. While in 5th grade, she could even pretend to be pregnant by putting pillows in her belly. Unfortunately, she was never born with a uterus due to a rare birth defect. So when she got married, as a couple they knew that they had to rely on a surrogate to get a child of their own. Though that was the case, they never thought it could be so costly to get one – they needed over $60,000.

There came a time when Meghan watched Oprah’s show. The show featured an old woman of 63 years who had given birth to her grandchild. She knew that her mother might agree to do the same idea and she went ahead and requested her. At that time, he mother was 51 years of age and was yet to experience menopause. Carol (Meghan’s mother) went ahead and gave her daughter the most precious gift a mother can ever give to her daughter. It was because of her mother’s sacrifice that she finally became a mother.

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