The Moment The 8-Year-Old-Girl Started Singing, The Judges And The Audience Were Owned!


Not many expected a lot when little Angelina Jordan took the stage in the Norway’s Got Talent competition. On this day, she was singing her own rendition of “”Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down,)”” a song that’s Cher’s 1966 single. Not all the time you come across young singers who are able to sing jazz with the kind of skill and soul the talented exhibited on the stage. It will be fair to say that the 8-year-old girl’s is so mature for her tears.

Following her performances, Jordan was the eventual winner of the competition. It’s easy to understand why if you watch her sing in this clip. Are you a fan of the song that Jordan is singing? Which song will you love hearing the kid perform? Please share your opinions in the comments section and show some love to the kid by SHARING her performance with friends!

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