Mom Is On A Wheelchair, When Her Son Kneels Beside Her, Everyone Is Left In Tears!


The mother of Luke suffers from ALS and that means she can only move around with the help of a wheelchair. This was Luke’s wedding and as a groom, he only wished for one thing- to dance with his mother.So, when he kneeled down on the dance floor ready to dance with his mother, many wondered how the mother-son dance could be possible.

From the background, “Hero,” a hit song sang by Mariah Carey was heard playing and it did not take long before everyone’s eyes were teary. For the bride, it was the most moving moment she had ever experienced. Luke swayed and comforted his mother as he moved her from one position to the other while on the stage. It was quite evident that mother and son had been touched by the experience.

A few days after the wedding, Luke’s mother passed away. Surely, there is nothing as important as having a loving family.

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