Mom Decided To Record Her Daughter When She Was Doing This… What A Moment!


The video below is something you can’t miss.  Here is Adele Enerson, the most creative and determined mom you can ever come across. With these two qualities, Adele will take you to the next level. She embarks on a mission to come up with a photo collection dubbed “Mila’s Daydream”, and it’s going to impress you.

This lady goes on to dress Mila, her young daughter, with many different out-fits and then takes some very creative scenes in which Mila is the starring. With her good skills, Adele can have the little one flying in the sky or at the top of a clothes-line. The fantasy will move you, and you have to accept the fact that each and every moment of this clip is amazingly perfect.  Imagine yourself inone of these kinds of clips, and you’ll know how much this mom values her kid’s every moment in life. Now imagine you’re grown up and your mom shows you such as a presentation of your childhood chronicles… it offers perfect record of your childhood’s most revered experiences. Fantastic!

Watch the video and see for yourself. If you’ve done something like this before, let us know how it was like, and be sure to SHARE this with your Facebook buddies. They’ll surely love it!

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