Mom And Dad Decide To Shock Their 3 Kids With An Unexpected Announcement. Heartwarming!


We all love ice cream, and the best moment is when it actually feels right to enjoy some without feeling guilty about it. In the video below, this family made their ice cream outing more than just about enjoy the sweetest delicacy known to man. They had big news for their two girls. So they decided to have fun in breaking it out to them.

And what better way to do it than to tell it while having a good time, after all, it is the best news they are going to have this year. It is the kind of news that you are guaranteed to be excited about, no matter your age or gender.

Watch this amazing moments as Kennedy, the firstborn daughter gazes around for an answer, then sees it, and gives the most knowing look before screaming out. PleaseSHARE it with family and friends to encourage others to break such awesome news in a creative and fun way. It adds the fun and love we all love to the already big news. Post views on such news in the comments below.

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