He Decided His Graduation Was The Best Place To Prove A Point, Watch This!


Chris Norton was injured back in 2010 during a football game and was told he will never walk again. After examination, it was revealed only a 3% chance existed for any part below his neck to show any mobility. Now, it is three years down the line and after a lot of therapy, he is ready to show them how wrong they were.

On this day, he was attending his college graduation accompanied by Emily, his fiancée. He then ended up doing something that many never expected him do. Though his steps are slow across the stage, he can be likened to a marathoner participating in a competition. You will easily become teary as you watch him accomplish what he had looking forward to for a very long time with a lot of triumph.

Since he had been injured while attending an NCAA event, all his medical costs had been covered by the fantastic insurance. He could not have afforded the astronomical costs that his treatment required. As a result, he has started the SCICAN (Spinal Cord Injury) Project which has the aim of assisting those who are not able to afford neuromuscular therapies.

We were touched by Chris’ positivity and perseverance and considered to share with you. What do you think of this memorable moment? Please SHARE!

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