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Miracles do happen! A stray cat known as Scarlet with five kittens resided in an abandoned garage, when their lives was changed by a fire. The tragedy took place on the 30th of March 1996. Scarlet, blistered and burnt was carrying her kittens, one by one, when the firefighters reached the scene. The condition as to which eye witnesses describe her is that she had shut blistered eyes, burned paws and ears, and her fur was highly singed.

Upon Scarlet falling unconscious, her kids were transported to Port Washington, New York, aNorth Shore Animal League. One of the five kittens who was the weakest died. Still in recovery, more than 7000 letters were received in bid to adopt the kittens. According to the decision of the clinic, the kittens were split into two groups which gave them up for adoption. As for Scarlet, she went to live with Karen Wellen, one of the letter writers.

It is said that Scarlet was born between the month of June or July of 1995. For the rest of her life, she lived with Karen until his death onOctober 11, 2008, exactly 12 years with Karen.

As for her kitten, watch the video to know what happened to them!

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