The Memories Of Her Husband Haunt Her, Now Watch When She Enters The Living Room… OMG!


Love is blind, they say. When you love someone, you forget all their imperfections, health issues, social issues, finances and all that. All that is left is pure love. A Love so unbroken. We find its pure evidence in this story of Hilary. It’s so touching!

Hilary and Joe were in love as husband and wife, but then fate reared its ugly head into their happy lives. Joe had terminal cancer. The news broke Hilary, and then she discovered she was pregnant for him. What fate!

But she kept the baby anyway. Even the doctors didn’t really believe Joe would live to see his child, but he did. He even saw his daughter turn 1, and then he passed away. Hilary was now a widow, but something happened. Now, Joe loved feathers, so it was kind of a moment of consolation when Hilary went out one day and found a beautiful feather in their compound. But that’s not it yet!

In this video, you get to see what Nate Burke, a designer from Oprah, did to Hilary’s home. It’s a complete makeover honoring her late husband. So nice! Please watch and SHARE!

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