They Have Been Married For 62 Years But Now They Have To Live Apart. Why? Emotional!


If you live in a happy marriage, then you know that a happy marriage is one of the best things that might have happened to you. Spending evenings quietly in your home after retirement is something that few people will manage in their lives. Most people will barely make it past their third year in marriage before they start experiencing marital problems. Instead of solving the, and renewing their commitment, they choose separation. That is why the emotional video seen below is so significant. The man and his wife are partying way because the man needs specialized care.

They can longer sleep in the same home because the man who suffering from dementia needs more care that will cost more, and while his wife just needs a place where she can be fed and her clothes cleaned. His wife gives him hugs and kisses as she departs and you can tell from their faces it is a painful separation. After all, they have lived together for 62 years.

Watch and SHARE this emotional video with your family and friends.  It will encourage many others to love and respect their marriages.

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