He Made This Device To Control His Grandfather’s Alzheimer’s Condition. So Creative!


Ever known that there are more than 5 million American patients suffering from Alzheimer? Statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association reveals that 60 % of these patients are usually alone, increasing the probability of getting lost.

In the clip below, we see how a grandson by the name of Kenneth Shinozuka was able to find an effective solution for his granddad who had Alzheimer. Kenneth’s grandfather would wake up from his bed and start walking to anyplace. This made Kenneth think of a solution that would be employed. With his creativity, he managed to construct a sensor that was placed under his granddad’s foot. The mechanism is that when he wakes up from his bed at night, the sensor will be able to detect the pressure increase which in turn sends a signal to the care taker’s smartphone.

His “Safe Wander” creation became very popular and earned him a patent and a $50,000 as an award from the Science in Action. Within the first six months of fixing this device underneath his grandfather’s feet, it was able to detect all his 437 times he got out of bed at night. Speaking, Kenneth hoped that all the other patients with this condition would be able to access his device which will save the caregivers a lot of stress.

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