Lost Doll Is Delivered To A Cashier At A Gas Station, Then A Soldier’s Voice Is Heard…


When military men and women are deployed in another country, they have to leave their families and friends behind. It is this time when they are away that the kids love to have some souvenirs just to make them remember.

But when it comes to the little kids who have either parent deployed, one needs to have a memory of them. It is common that such soldiers leave their kids with dolls or pictures. Most often, the dolls have recordings of the soldiers which makes the kids to remember their parent’s voice.

One soldier decided to leave his son of two years with a doll that had a recording of his voice. But after some time, the doll got lost and was taken to a gas station’s shop as a lost article.

Kim Lane, the cashier at the store, knew the doll was valuable because of the recording it produced when some button was pressed and the uniform it was cladded in. for once, she decided to locate the owner of the doll or the parents as well.
Her only hope to find the owner was by posting a picture of it on social media. At first, it managed to get more than a thousand likes, comments and was shared too until the grandma of the owner saw it.

Little Grayson, the owner of the doll and his mom were very glad that they found the doll and were thankful to the people who shared it on social media till they managed to locate it!

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