These Chimps Are Seeing Sunshine For The First Time In Their Lives. Their Reaction? PRICELESS!


Playing, exploring and spending time with their communities is what defines the lives of chimpanzees in the wild. Sadly, there are those that are born in captivity or captured and all they know is traumatic experiments that are associated with a lot of pain while in a laboratory.As revealed by the Release & Restitution for Chimpanzees, the biggest user is the United States with around 1,200 being held in the U.S labs.

This video features a group of over 100 chimps that are released from that form of captivity to a safe-have sanctuary. All that was done thanks to a team of animal activists. This heartwarming and beautiful video was captured by caretakers and it makes see how they react the first time they’re stepping out. This is a life there are not used to and their faces are filled with amazement and awe.

They just can’t believe bars separating no longer exist and are able to touch each other. The best moment comes at 1:30 where we see one chimpanzee trying to hug another. In their new found home, they are showered with lots of love and have the best care from vets. All they need them to have is the love they missed for so long.

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