Little Kid Seats Near The Dog And Does The Unthinkable. Watch Her Hands…


Dogs are man’s best friends. They warn us of danger, they take care of our property, and they help us to save lives. They are practically involved in every part of our lives. Whether you live in the developed world or in the third world countries, dogs are the best friends. You can trust them to do what they have always done, because they do it faithfully.

What most people do not known is that dogs are great baby sitters too. They can keep your child company and no intruder will show up. The loud bark of a dog will just scare him off. An intruder won’t approach the house if they believe there is nothing worth the risk of being caught.

In the video below, the dog does just more than babysit the little girl. It’s actually acting as a toy for her to play with. As you can see, she is painting, but she does not have a paint brush. What is she using? Take a moment and watch.

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