Little Girl Of 4 Years Has The Skills To Train Her Pup, I Have Never Seen Something Like This Before!


I don’t know why of recent I have been attracted to this Westminster Dog Show, and it never used to please me.

Maybe it is because I am a fan of dogs, more so when they are acting silly. After watching the following clip featuring the experienced little girl of 4 years called Emma doing her thing, I think I need a stand as far as dog dancing is concerned.

Even though she is a little girl, she is a talented dog trainer as it is clearly seen in the clip when she makes the little dog dance to her style.

It can be seen that Emma will have to practice more before she attains the perfect moves like the ones this dog trainer displays at Eurasia dog show. But it is certain that she will soon be skilled as she is still young!

If you have a closer look, you will see that Emma’s dog, which is black in color is also the same age as her. Watch the clip below to see why this dancing duo will one day make it to the higher levels.

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