Little Boy Is Caught By The School Driver Grabbing A Backpack Of A Disabled Kid, Reason? Touching!


Unknown to Annelise and Jorge Narvaez, someone was closely watching every move they made – to be precise, each time they used the Princeton, NJ, school bus. The person watching them was none other than Cindy Clausen, their school driver.

The kid’s unusual behavior had caught her attention. It was the first time she had witnessed for the very first time since she started working at the school’ driver 23 years ago. So she decided to let their parents know about it and sent them a note.

The two were doing their best to make Jaxson comfortable. 7-year-old Jaxson suffered from a neurodegenerative disorder which made him experience difficulties when walking. That meant he struggled maneuvering around the school bus.

Don’t you think these kids are angels since they are ready to share kindness even when they know they will not be rewarded for it?

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