When He Left 7 Months Ago, She Was Just A Baby. Does She Remember Him Now? This Will Melt You!


When a soldier gets deployed to a warzone, they leave everything else behind and embark on a mission to protect the nation. Wherever and whenever they fight, the troops always keep it in mind that they do it for their loved onesback at home.

When the soldier finally comes back home, they’re received like heroes. Just imagine how it must have been for the family all that long,freaking out at every turn of the door knob for fear of the dreaded news. Now, when their loved one finally walks in again, life gets a better taste of contentment and smooth sail.

Now, you might think of humans as the only loved ones a soldier can have at home, but that’s because you’ve missed something. A pet, too, can be a loved one, and this video right here proves that.

When this soldier left for Iraq 7 months ago, this pet was just a little baby.  Now that he’s back and the animal is all grown up and huge, what’ll happen? Watch this and you’ll love every second these two spend. You’ve to SHARE!

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