A Lady Pays Breakfast For Two Firefighters, And Then They Do This To Her. It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better!


They say selflessness pays in multiples, and if you took it as just a bluff, you might want to see the evidence.

In New Jersey, there’s a nice place, in Delran, called 130 Dinner, and one good lady, Liz Woodwardworked the mid-night shift. Her blessings trickled in one day.

Tim Young and Paul Hullings are volunteer firefighters,and they had been fighting a warehouse fire for hours till that good morning, so Tim offered to take his colleague out for some breakfast. They headed to 130 Diner, where things were to start happening.

The two guys asked Liz for the biggest coffee mug available, and she instantly knew they must have spent a night fighting some flames, so the selfless lady took up their bill as a sigh of appreciation for what these people do. Paul and Tim were touched,and they thought of what they could help Liz with. That’s when they ran into some information. Liz had applied for a GoFundMecampaign to raise some cash to get a special van for Steve, her dad. Then they sprang into action.

They spread the word and the donations tipped to over $60,000 in no time. And the target was just $17,000! In July, they got introduced to Liz’s quadriplegic dad. Lovely!

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