This Is Why Lady Gaga Is Still Alive Today – What A Powerful Message!


Constantly we have been reminded by Lady Gaga that it pays to love yourself, remaining true to yourself, being honest and true. By doing that, you can always be able to bring out the best in yourself.

In the clip below, she has another inspiring message for everyone. She has revealed that when she was 19-years of age, someone sexually assaulted her. After the assault, she kept it as a secret for 7 years and then let her loved ones as well as doctors know about it. She was able to get the help she was after.

Amid her struggles with PTSD, she has been able to overcome everything with the help of one thing – kindness. Her message lets us know that every person has something that is disturbing him/her and it matters a lot when we show them kindness.

Below is an interview where she has brought out the powerful message in a beautiful way. Please have a look and SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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