They Knew Their Son Will Die At Birth. Watch The Innovative Miracle That Made Him Survive…


When the little Bentleywas born, no one thought he would live. They all gave him a few hours, or days at best. Even his parents Sierra and Dustin did not think he would survive. Although they hoped a miracle would happen, they did not even care to have him cleaned or the fluids cleared from his throat when he was born. The only thing they bought was an Onesie they hoped to bury him in when he finally succumbed to his condition.

Bentley was born with encephalomyelitis. This is a condition where the newborn’s brain protrudes outside his skull. He however surprised them when he kept going and never showed any signs of sickness or weakness. The doctors were stunned at his resolve to survive against all odds. They had already assured the parents that they did not even know how to keep him comfortable before he passed away.

The parents then decided to consult another doctor to get a second opinion. That’s when they met Dr. Meara. He told them what the other doctors had not told. Bentley had hope. He then explained to them the surgery he planned to do that would increase Bentley’s chances of survival and enable him to live a normal life. Take a moment to watch the video and find out what the plan was and the outcome.

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