Kids Sing A National Anthem, But Watch What Happens When A Soldier Walks Onto The Field… WOW!


All family members of soldiers find it difficult to handle deployment of the military officer. Even if it lasts a day or less, it appears to be a long time. And for most members of the U.S. military, being sent out for duty only means absence in the lives of your kids.

But there is something good about this separation, a remarkable reunion. Due to this, many military parents decide to keep their return a secret so to give a surprise to their families. Like this mother, who shared an incredible moment with her child when she visited him at school after returning home, or this father who shocked his daughter in the presence of the queen of England.

After being away on duty for eleven months, Army Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker decided to give his little girl, Cassidy, a big surprise. He captured a video message for his daughter. The video played just before Cassidy’s national anthem class performance at an Atlanta Braves game. Cassidy, who watched the video, was noticeably emotional but got strength through the song, regardless of her tears. Just after the song ended, Cassidy was in for a surprise of her life; her father walks onto the field for a stunning reunion!

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