When His Kids Give Him This As A Present, He’s Reduced To A Crying Toddler, Watch This!


One good turn deserves another. Rich Tipton from Owosso, Michigan, had no option but to sell what he only had so as to ensure family survived back in 1989.

The sold property was a Corvette that Tipton had bought way back in 1978 when it had 4,000 miles of usage. Things got hard in 1989 when he sold it to maintain his daughter of 6 years and twins aged 2 years. He considered more his children than the car.

The car meant a lot to him because it was the one that he had used with his wife while in their honeymoon.It was also hiredduring school promotions and some could hire it during vacations.

Tipton said that when he sold the car, he told his children that if he gets lucky to win the lottery, he would surely purchase it back. His children had a plan to surprise their dad, and never waited for their father to win the lottery.

The past year, Tipton and her daughter showed up at a showcase of cars. Upon seeing the Corvette, Tipton ran with joy and embraced it. The old man said that he was going to turn 70, and there was no possibility of getting it back at the moment.

In the following clip, we see as he sheds tears when his children buy him the automobile that he always adored. Tipton confessed to MLive that he was reduced to a crying toddler when they opened the car’s door for him.

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