Kid Sees Man Dressed Like Spiderman, But When He Reveals His Identity… OMG!


In 2012, Jason, Noah’s dad who is a United States Marine, was deployed in Afghanistan. Like any other child, Noah missed the company of his dad. Even though he was a little kid to fully know the importance of his dad as a Marine for the country, he would surely learn of it as time went by.

But in the same year of 2012, Noah felt like seeing his father again. It happened that in 2012, Noah’s mother, Krystal, gave birth to a baby girl called Kali. While nursing her baby, she received some overjoying news.

Jason had asked for permission to go for a leave so that he would have the opportunity of seeing his newborn baby girl and also the rest of the family. Jason and Krystal decided not to tell Noah of the news till the eleventh hour. When the time came for him to know, the parents…

From a toddler, Noah used to be a fan of Spiderman. So on this fateful day, her mother led Noah to the backyard of the house for a surprise. While at the backyard, Noah was able to see a man dressed in red and blue climbing their fence. He was doubtful at first but later he confirmed that it was Spiderman. He run and gave him a hug. But when Spiderman took off his mask, what a double surprise for Noah!

Watch the clip below to see his reaction upon discovering that Spiderman was his dad. Please SHARE this adorable video with all your friends on Facebook!

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