This Kid Had No Idea That His Cool Dad Could Do This. When He Finds Out, The Reaction Is Just Priceless!


It’s true to say that most kids don’t have a clear idea about their parents’ work until they get the full glimpse of it.

This young boy in the videoknew that his dad was an engineer working with the railway company, but he didn’t quite understand what that meant. However, on this special day, he got his revelation, and his reaction is just out of this world.

You see, dad works as a Norfolk Southern Engineer Nuttle, and he also drives the trains. So on this occasion, dad came driving along the tracks near where his wife and son were sitting, and when his son got an eye on him on the wheels, the mood changed to awesome. It’s just so lovely.

Dad was driving the machine through the Southern Tier Line to Birmingham, NY. You will agree that this good dad really enjoyed the feeling and loved watching the video later.

Check out the full clip and see how the kid gets excited and overwhelmed with emotion. If you love it, drop us a comment and SHARE the clip with your cool Facebook buddies!

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