Irish Riverdance Group Together With Drummers Show Off Their Talented Skills.


Even though this video has been out for a few years, you’d be surprised at how few people actually know it even exists!

the clip you are about to see below was recorded some years back. It features an Irish Riverdance, a worldwide recognized Irish step dancing group. This Irish step dance is one of those routines that are complicated and requires one to do it perfectly, if not it will result to a disastrous performance.

It’s a dance that needs a lot of practice for years in order to perfect it, like what we see in the clip below.

The clip starts with Alan Kenefick and Nicola Byrne showing off their perfect dancing skills. They move in unison, in a way that they come together and split apart. While dancing, drummers join in at the 1:14 mark to make it more appealing.

Kenefickcomes up to demonstrate how talented he is with the solo dance. When about to finish, he is joined with other dancers who together conclude the dance in a wonderful manner.

Since it was uploaded on the social media, it has received more than 10 million views and still receiving others.

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