Injured Mother Koala Is Taken For Operation, Then Kid Does This… What A Bond!


The strongest bond ever known is that one of a mother and child. No one has ever managed to break it.

Mothers are the ones who carry the babies in their wombs for nine months, afterwards take care of them when born. They dedicate their whole lives to their kids
Animals too are known to have those motherly instincts too.

For example, the Koalas are known to possess the same motherly character as humans.


At the sideway of a highway in Australia, a mother Koala named Lizzie, and her Son known as Fantom, were found wounded. Fortunately, the Australia zoo came in to rescue them.

The wounds came about when a car hit them. It was only the mother that got injured in the accident. She suffered from a collapsed lung and a serious head trauma.

When the vets took them so as to administrate some treatment on them, they faced a really hard time in trying to get the baby Fantomaway from her mother. Basically, it was a tug of war.
At last, they decided to leave the kid with the mother throughout the whole process of operation.

The following video is just a clear proof that the mother-child bond is so strong. The little koala was pretty sure that his own survival depended on her mother, and leaving her meant that he would be in danger.

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