Homeless Man Sleeping At The Shop Door Is Mistreated By The Owner. Then This Happened… What A Pity!


The following ad was done in a country called Thailand.

By us showing you an ad made in Thailand does not mean that the USA is unable to make its own ads. The reason is because this ad that you are about to see is very touching and Thailand deserves the appraisal of their talent. When you watch the following clip, I promise you that tears will accompany you at the end of it.

The video starts when a shop owner opens the door of his shop every morning, only to find a homeless man sleeping at the door step. Without asking him who he is or what is his problem, he just starts to pour some water on him, while shouting at him and finally ends kicking him too. The man takes to his heels and disappears.

Finally he stops appearing at his doorstep to sleep. The store owner one day wakes up as usual and opens his shop’s door, but he doesn’t see the man. A neighbor informs him that he is no longer there. He goes back inside the shop and goes to see what happened to the man by playing the recordings that the security camera made.

What the video is trying to teach us is that we should never treat anybody badly even if the appearance doesn’t look appealing to you.

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