Homeless Guy Gets Kicked Out Of A Restaurant And Money Taken By The Bartender


It is a worldwide fact that the people use many offensive words to describe the homeless people. For instance, words like silly, drug addicts, stupid, smelly and lazy are often used, yet no one can verify that.

We don’t deny that there are those who can fall in the category of those words, but what values most is that everyone in this world has a purpose to accomplish, thus not advisable to call people offensive names. Unluckily, some people won’t stop doing so to the homeless.

In the clip below, which was carried out as a test in a restaurant in Portland, they wanted to verify what the customers will do when a homeless person was to be harassed. Good news is that most customers decided to defend him but the worst part of it was that the homeless guy was sent out of the restaurant.

When you take your time to view the clip till the very end, you will definitely get the advice from a guy who truly experienced the same thing the man acting to be homeless faced. He actually was moved when giving the explanation of what really happened.
If you were the one present where a homeless guy is mistreated, what would be your reaction? Comment below for us to know.

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