He’s Feeds The Hungry, Then Ellen Throws Him A Surprise. Wow!


As a youngster, I could get a slice of pizza for just for $1. Today, that’s a different story.

However, that’s not the end of it. A smart Philadelphia pizzeria has come up with a trick to make his delicious pizza more affordable and popular. The buyer will want to buy pizza for the hungry.

You have Rosa’s Fresh Pizza outlet (Philadelphia), and there is the idea of Post-it notes. You get a slice for $1 and have the freedom to buy another for anyone else who comes in hungry, homeless and broke. So you buy the slice but leave it at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. You’re then given a Post-it note which you stick to the wall and walk away. A hungry person comes in, takes the note, presents at the counter and gets the slice you bought for them. Perfect!

Mason Wartman, the outlet owner, quit his lucrative career on Wall Street and set out to establish Rosa’s. The idea of ‘paying it forward’ sprang from a random customer who offered to buy a slice for any homeless, hungry person who walked in next. Wartman never expected his pizza to end up feeding thousands.

Everyone is now heading to Rosa’s, and it’s good for the homeless as well as Wartman’s business. Then He pays Ellen DeGeneresa visit, and leaves your mouth agape! You have to see this!

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