She Was Being Guided By Something Strong Within Her. Her Next Step Says It All!


Have you ever had a feeling something was wrong somewhere and it turned out so? We all have that inner voice that tries to warn us, but unfortunately for most of us we end up recalling having that feeling and not acting on it to save a situation or even save a life.

Scott, a middle aged man, was at home alone when he decided to go to their garage and do some maintenance work on his car. His wife Nicole was at work at the moment. Then suddenly Nicole got the urge to go home and check out on her husband. She said it was just a feeling like a spirit guiding her and she acted on it.

Unknown to her, the car jack gave in and the car came crushing Scott on the chest. This was a life threatening situation. He was crying out for help, but no one was around to hear him out. When Nicole arrived home she heard a soft cry of help and saw him trapped.

She sought the help of a neighbor to lift the car of him using the jack as she contacted the paramedics. Talk of a life saved by instinct.

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