And Here Goes The Funniest Wedding Vow Moment You’ve Ever Seen. I Have A Cracked Rib!


Weddings are some really great occasions, and smart couples use that day to create some lovely and lasting memories on their life together.

We’ve come across so many videos of the crazy stuff some grooms get to pull off in front of their brides during their big day, but you haven’t seen anything like what this guy did. It’s too funny to even think of!

So it’s their wedding, and one Jared Basham is exchanging vows with his lovely bride, Kyndra. Now, Basham is one funny guy, and he has been cracking up his girlfriend with his music renditions ever since she got into the Air Force. In fact, on this great day, this man is set to do all that, and then some.

They decide to get their vows done the traditional way, with the groom throwing in his funny antics on the way. Now, this will make you day!

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