Girl Waits On The Hoops During A Basketball Game, When She Spots Someone Familiar… OMG!


Lauryn Freeman plays for her school basketball team.  On this day she stood in line waiting for the pep rally to begin. She wore a bright purple and white jersey.

Lauryn was ready to play till she spotted someone. It was a face she had not seen for about six months. It was her father’ face. Instead of running towards the hoops, the little girl ran towards her father’s direction.

The girl glided and appeared to float as she approached her father. As the distance shortened between the two, Lauryn began to wail. She fell into her father’s arms and broke into a cry.

Sgt Freeman had been away for the better half of the year, following his deployment in Afghanistan. Freeman’s family was not sure if he would make it for Thanksgiving. When Freeman found out he would be coming, he told his wife to keep it a secret.

Once he landed, he went straight to his daughter’s school. Two hours later, dad and his three children stood in the middle of the basketball scrimmage. It was the best reunion ever.

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