He Gets An Accident, 30 Hours Later They Discover This On His Phone… So Touching!


When Kevin Diepenbrockwas involved in a crash, he was riding a motorbike together with his friend. They were thrown into the woods where no one could easily see them.

Since they were injured and with no strength to walk, they hoped someone would find and rescue them.

Back luck for Diepenbrock’s friend, as he died. He too started fearing of dying like his buddy.

When the night fell, he lost hope and what he did was to record a farewell to his loved ones using the phone.

So emotional when you get to watch the videos. Good news is that even after being there for 30 hours, Diepenbrock was found and rescued to make a testimony of what he went through.

Even though he never showed the recorded farewell to his family, he now shares them with everyone so as to let them know that life is too short and so precious.

I really felt sorry for him and learnt to appreciate every little time I am alive. He really was lucky to survive the accident which his friend didn’t.

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