Friends Inquire The Gender Of The Baby, Only To Discover The Unexpected…


Sharon and Korey Rademacher are a couple who are happily married. When the doctors told that they will soon be expecting a baby, they goy overjoyed. But with this news, they became uncertain whether or not to inquire the gender of the unborn baby while in the womb. As for many couples, they prefer knowing the gender so that they can brief their other family members and friends. For others, they just wait till the delivering tom when the baby is born so as to know if it is a male or a female.

But for this couple, Sharon and Korey Rademacher, they were stunned when the doctors revealed to them that they were expecting two babies not one, as Sharon was pregnant with twins.

It was Sharon’s idea that they keep it as a secret between the two of them and never release the twins’ news to anybody. They all acted as if they never knew the gender of the baby for the rest of the pregnancy so that they could surprise the family and friends in a very special way.

In the clip below, you see the family and friends enter into the hospital room where Sharon is. Another camera is there fixed capturing the reactions of people upon finding that what she had is twins, while they went there to know if the baby is a male or a female.

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