Friends Come In All Sizes – This 3-Legged Rescue Dog and a Disabled Boy Show It All!


WhenHaatchi the puppy was tied to a railroad line, he was full of happiness. His happiness did not last for long as he was hit by an oncoming train in North London. The dog, an Anatolian Shepherd, had its leg severely injured and the tail severed. However, Haatchi bravely crawled away from the train station and proved to be an incredible survivor. He had hidden for days before he was finally rescued.

Haatchi’s tail and leg had to be amputated due to infection, but he never expected that he was about to meet a new best friend. Owen, who is now nine years of age, suffers from Schwartz-Jampel, a rare disorder that makes muscles to be in a permanent tense state. This made him to be confined to a wheelchair and it also impaired his eyesight.

Owen, who is also known as Little B, suffered from high anxiety and, as a result, was socially withdrawn because of his condition. It was impossible for him to meet new friends. To him, it was a painful and lonely childhood, and Owen felt frightened and helpless.

Owen’s dad fell in love with a dog trainer whose name was Colleen, and that friendship was about to change the little boy’s life, and it was full of new possibilities. Once Collen saw Haatchi online, she felt something for the rescued dog, and she was right.

The effect Haatchi had on Owen was instant, and their lives were forever changed the moment they met. You can see how they mingled with each other in the clip below – they even spent their first weekend together cuddling and lying down.

The focus in people then shifted from what was wrong to the incredible connection that existed between the two unlikely friends. To this day, their story remains on the internet as one of the most beloved friendship tale. Meet the two friends below and please do SHARE their wonderful story with friends on Facebook!

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