She Follows Her Mom Onto The Stage. Now You’re Going To Gasp At What Happens Next!


One thing about moms is that they’re always very close to their daughters. Another thing is that this is the kind of closeness that creates wonderful moments and memories for the future. It’s even better when these moments are spent doing what both the mom and daughter are passionate about.Everyone loves that kind of connection. Well, seems like this mom has it all, and then some!

So Bree Hafen is a deep lover of dance, but she’s not alone. Her daughter, Stella, has a soft spot for such art too. That’s one major reason why the mom decided to bring the kid along when she went to audition for the popular dance competition, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Turns out, fate had stuff in store to this duo!

Watching this clip, I couldn’t help but gasp at the moment the two started their thing on the stage. You must love the little one’s prowess. Keep your eye on those little feet!

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