She Was Fired For Being Too Beautiful, And Then These Judges Did A Whack-job. So Unfair!


Whileit’s true that Melissa Nelson is an incredibly beautiful woman, it doesn’t mean she has anything to do withher boss’s marital problems. In fact, Melisa is a mother, and had been working under Dr. Knight for a decade until he decided she was a threat to his family life. You’rewondering how!

Knight fired her, claimingthather looks were distractinghim from his family. When she filed a case in court to seek justice, a jury of 7 men threw out her case, ruling that the doctor had the right to fire her for personal reasons. What’s that?!

She appealed, and again the same judgesfailed her.She appealed the second time and they did the same. Now this is so unfair!

But everyone knows she didn’t deserve this. Mellissa’s looks hadnothing to do withher job. But at least she can live withherself confidently, knowingthat she fought for herright.

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